LEE CHAMBERLIN CONSULTANT ENGINEERS, PLLC specializes in providing comprehensive planning, design and construction services to the transportation and land development sectors.  LEE CHAMBERLIN’S philosophy is to integrate both design and construction into a centralized project management approach.  This centralization reduces the time and costs required to complete a project and relieves our client of the responsibility or coordinating the efforts.

LEE CHAMBERLIN uses a wide variety of technologies and our 23 years of experience to meet the needs and solve the problems of each project.  Thus, we provide our clients with solutions to their problems which are well documented, practical, cost effective, and acceptable to the regulatory authorities and the public.

LEE CHAMBERLIN’s centralized philosophy, multiple technology capabilities, and extensive on site construction experience provides us with flexibility and enables us to adapt to altered project requirements.  LEE is unique in the land development industry in its ability to provide effective, flexible, and comprehensive service to its clients to affect permanent solutions to their concerns.

Mark is a Senior entrepreneurial engineer and land surveyor with more than 30 years of experience managing and coordinating projects and providing professional opinions and recommendations as an Iowa DOT project manager, a City Engineer, a County Engineer and a Consultant.  He is a strong leader with the ability to monitor, update, and successfully meet construction schedules and finish at or under budget.  Being a results-oriented achiever, he has the ability to design and successfully implement economic solutions for a variety of different markets. While off the job Mark’s personal life is full of many blessing including his Wife, Children, Grand-children and a great Church family, which he supports actively in youth ministry and foreign country missions.