Economic development is the key to many small communities in Iowa, as well as several other situations withing our State, to aid in the viability and the healthy economic growth of our State. The City of Kellogg recognized the need for economic growth of the community by offering and promoting affordable housing. The Kellogg City Council initiated an effort to determine the specific needs of the community regarding affordable housing and after a considerable donation of land by the Anderson family, the City of Kellogg began planning a single and multi-family development. Professional services provided to the City of Kellogg included LAND PLANNING, ANNEXATION AND REZONING ASSISTANCE, LAND SURVEYING, CIVIL ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION SERVICES.
The 1998 preliminary plat contained 110 single family lots, 12 acres of multi-family development and 9 acres of parkland covering 62 acres.
The first phase of the subdivision included 24 single family lots and 12 acres reserved for multi-family development. A water transmission main was installed along with a lift station and a force main at total construction cost of $1,200,000. A tranquil residential addition to the City of Kellogg exists today, satisfying the affordable living needs of the community, while increasing their economic viability.

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