The Planned Unit Development (P.U.D.) off Fox Creek Estates included land use planning, development layout, utility service and capacity analysis for 125 acres in the northern portion of Waukee, Iowa. The needs of the community were addressed by determing the location of the commercial, multi-family, single family and parkland areas within a frame work of a major east-west arterial, Douglas Avenue, and a north-south major arterial, Warrior Lane, all allowing for project phasing due to available and future utility services. Design and layout of Douglas Avenue, a four lane divided arterial was provided, as well as an adjacent trailway. A complete sanitary sewer study was completed for service to the P.U.D. and the northern portion of the City of Waukee. Design of the P.U.D. sanitary sewer layout and a phased lift station with force main was completed for the project and for providing sanitary sewer to the Northern portion of the City of Waukee. Fox Creek Estates Plat 1 was completed in 2006 at a construction cost of $2,000,000. The subdivision construction involved elevating the proposed roadway and the building pads from the existing terrain so the existing sanitary sewer could be extended to serve the proposed single family lots, while negotiations for the lift station right-of-way could be completed. The soils to build the embankment for the roadway and the building pads were excavated at another location within the P.U.D. resulting in one of many planned permanents ponds on the site. The Fox Creek Estates project opened a whole new area of development for the City of Waukee.

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