LEE Chamberlin Consultant Engineers has provided professional services to many different office and retail developments. From rezoning assistance to final construction admistration services, LEE has provided services to Quiktrip, Walnut Ridge Business Park in Urbandale and a Waukee Office Park where the City of Waukee Offices are located. Unique sites such as the Quiktrip at the intersection of Hubbell Avenue and Douglas Avenue presented challenging design solutions. Access and optimum traffic flow were the keys to these successful projects.




Economic development is the key to many small communities in Iowa, as well as several other situations withing our State, to aid in the viability and the healthy economic growth of our State. The City of Kellogg recognized the need for economic growth of the community by offering and promoting affordable housing. The Kellogg City Council initiated an effort to determine the specific needs of the community regarding affordable housing and after a considerable donation of land by the Anderson family, the City of Kellogg began planning a single and multi-family development. Professional services provided to the City of Kellogg included LAND PLANNING, ANNEXATION AND REZONING ASSISTANCE, LAND SURVEYING, CIVIL ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION SERVICES.
The 1998 preliminary plat contained 110 single family lots, 12 acres of multi-family development and 9 acres of parkland covering 62 acres.
The first phase of the subdivision included 24 single family lots and 12 acres reserved for multi-family development. A water transmission main was installed along with a lift station and a force main at total construction cost of $1,200,000. A tranquil residential addition to the City of Kellogg exists today, satisfying the affordable living needs of the community, while increasing their economic viability.


KADING PROPERTIES is the premier provider of affordable housing in the central Iowa area. The community living projects are located in small Iowa communities as well as the Des Moines Metropolitan area. LEE Chamberlin Consultant Engineers has provided professional services to the Kading family for more than two decades. Services provided have been as diverse as some of the unique development circumstances with a high success rate. LEE provides creative and innovative planning and design services for the complicated high density developments.
CONSISTENCY, DETERMINATION AND PERSISTENCE are the mainstay components of numerous successful projects, many of which the residents call HOME.



The Planned Unit Development (P.U.D.) off Fox Creek Estates included land use planning, development layout, utility service and capacity analysis for 125 acres in the northern portion of Waukee, Iowa. The needs of the community were addressed by determing the location of the commercial, multi-family, single family and parkland areas within a frame work of a major east-west arterial, Douglas Avenue, and a north-south major arterial, Warrior Lane, all allowing for project phasing due to available and future utility services. Design and layout of Douglas Avenue, a four lane divided arterial was provided, as well as an adjacent trailway. A complete sanitary sewer study was completed for service to the P.U.D. and the northern portion of the City of Waukee. Design of the P.U.D. sanitary sewer layout and a phased lift station with force main was completed for the project and for providing sanitary sewer to the Northern portion of the City of Waukee. Fox Creek Estates Plat 1 was completed in 2006 at a construction cost of $2,000,000. The subdivision construction involved elevating the proposed roadway and the building pads from the existing terrain so the existing sanitary sewer could be extended to serve the proposed single family lots, while negotiations for the lift station right-of-way could be completed. The soils to build the embankment for the roadway and the building pads were excavated at another location within the P.U.D. resulting in one of many planned permanents ponds on the site. The Fox Creek Estates project opened a whole new area of development for the City of Waukee.



Princeton Industrial/Commercial Park followed the wave of development along the Northwest corridor of Highway 141. FEDEX Ground and the Iowa Department of Transportation maintenance facilty anchored the 160 acre development of the Princeton Subdivision leaving room for additional commercial needs of the growing area. Kum & Go planted it’s footprint on the Southwest corner of the subdivision. Professional services included subdivision engineering and land surveying as well as follow-up services for the site such as site planning for FEDEX Ground. The current subdivision is eighty percent filled with anticipated expansion to the north that will more than double the size of tthe original subdivision.



Country living has become very popular and a more common choice for those who enjoy the open space and the natural environment in the State of Iowa. Picturesque views and scenic woodlands next to natural prairies abound in the Burl Oak Development. Extreme design efforts were provided to leave the natural environment intact. Those design efforts are found in the roadway location, the building site placement and the covenanta and restrictions. The private roadway intertwines the woodlands and the prairie amongst the 2 to 10 acre lots. Burl Oak Plat 1, with 34 lots, was constructed in 2006 at a cost of $1,600,000. Burl Oak Plat 2, with 25 lots, was constructed in 2017 at a cost of $1,500,000. Review of the hydrualic capacity of the existing ponds, Iowa Department of Transportation access permitting, rezoning assistance and subdivison design and platting were services provided for the project.



The largest wind blade manufacturer, TPI, carefully selected a site in Newton, Iowa, at a time when economic development was needed in Newton. Multiple incentives from various agencies were provided for the cutting edge manufacture’s development. Site development of a 317,000 square foot facility, parking for five hundred employees, product storage and transport logistics required top notch engineering and planning services. Review of TPI’s worldwide sites was a pre-requisite of site planning. The inner workings of each individual site enabled precise design of the future Newton site and led to revised operations and altered layouts of existing sites. The 33 acre site development amounted to $112,000,000 in construction costs.



Mobilty, safety and aesthetics are important aspects of living in the City of Urbandale, Iowa. Douglas Avenue, a major arterial, was planned to meet these important aspects of living in Urbandale. The western limit of the Douglas Avenue Streetscape Project was Interstate 35/80 and extended east to the Easterly boundary of the City near the Merle Hay Mall. Planning elements within the corridor include buffer area enhancements, pavement type variations, roadway geometrics and traffic safety. The first phase of the capitol improvement projects was the Douglas Avenue and 70th Street Intersection Improvements. The original Douglas Avenue pavement was constructed as a 2-lane highway (HWY 6) by the Iowa Department of Transportation. The State of Iowa made a Transfer of Jurisdiction of HWY 6 to the City of Urbandale where 70th Street was paved and parking added along Douglas Avenue, which was the status of the intersection at the time of the design. The traffic study prepared indicated for safe and efficient traffic flow, two lanes with separate turns in each direction were needed for Douglas Avenue and one lane with separate turn lane in each direction were needed for 70th Street. The roadway widening design included base courses, HMA overlays, concrete paver installation and PCC curb and gutter installation. Additional buffer area improvements design, done by others, included decorative sidewalks, street lights, corner elements and access relocations. The project was constructed in 1996 at a cost of $1,300,000. The special concrete paver installation has performed exceptionally well for 20 plus years.

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