LEE CHAMBERLIN assists clients representing city, state, and federal governments by providing comprehensive planning, design, and construction administration services. The design of streets, highways and bridges represents an integral part of the services offered by the firm. The following list details some of the specific areas in which the firm provides expertise.

-Corridor/route feasibility studies
-Bridge design and foundation systems
-Structural construction inspection
-Street and highway plans, specifications and estimates
-Utility engineering
-Environmental impact statements and assessments
-Construction staking and inspection services
-Financing alternatives and funding sources
-Pavement design and management programs
-Preliminary topographic studies
-Hydrologic and hydraulic studies
-Capital improvement programming
-Materials testing and mix design
-Intersection/interchange layouts and design
-Street rehabilitation plans and programs
-Traffic sign and pavement marking plans
-Construction sequencing and traffic control plans
-Storm sewer and drainage improvement design
-Traffic signal systems
-Parking and terminal facilities
-Right-of-way related services
-Location studies
-Land surveying and mapping
-Street and highway lighting design

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